Potholes coming, going, and coming right back

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City crews are scrambling to fill thousands of potholes before more snow comes, but all of their efforts could be meaningless.

“The problem is these fixed potholes aren’t a permanent patch because there’s ice that is underneath them,” said Brandon Pannell of Moline Department of Public Works.

And that’s not the only problem. This weekend’s snowfall will damage the potholes that have been fixed.

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“If we plow again, a lot of the potholes we filled will have to be filled again after the snow,” said Pannell.

This winter has been strenuous on city crews. Whether it’s been plowing snow, salting the roads, or fixing potholes, workers have kept busy. Moline dedicated workers Wednesday, February 26, 2014 to fill potholes on busy intersections and snow routes. They had one crew filling potholes reported via citizen complaints.

In Davenport, city workers have filled 11,000 potholes this winter and used 175,000 pounds of asphalt.

And their work is far from over.

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