New location for main food bank

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After years in downtown Moline, the River Bend Food Bank has moved across the river to a larger warehouse in Davenport.

River Bend Food Bank collects millions of items each year and helps supply hundreds of locations around the Quad Cities.

The 60,000 square foot warehouse will help the food bank donate more in the future.

Executive Director of the Family Outreach Community Center, Alica Pence, is excited about the big new space and what it will mean to her clients.

"Because of the low cost of the food here and the wonderful employees, um, we are able to provide food for over 200 families in Henderson County that are needing just a little help to get through."

The biggest draw to this location was the huge walk in freezer that would allow the food bank to now store perishable items.

"We have [the] capability of about five to six semi's right now of frozen product. That was something in our former location we were not able to do," said Tom Laughlin, the Executive Director of River Bend Food Bank.


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