Viral Video: Trash collector’s act of patriotism

The camera on his garbage truck captured an Oregon trash collector’s simple act of patriotism and respect.

Jeremy Fischer was on the job collecting trash when he noticed an American flag in a residential trash bin.

Video captured by the camera on his trash truck shows Fischer take the flag from the bin, then gently folding the flag, military-style.  He then placed the folded flag on the porch of the home where it was found.

A neighbor, who saw Fischer’s act of respect, said, “I want everyone to feel the respect that this young man had for his country.”

Fischer said he didn’t see his actions as special.  He was just doing what he learned to do as a Boy Scout.

“There’s a lot of sacrifice, a lot of hope and a lot of other stuff that is the American flag.  I figured, since so many people have died for that, the least I can do is pick it up,” Fischer said.

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