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New Local Grocery Store Joins Hilltop Area

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A new and local grocery store is officially open in Davenport.

Hilltop Groceries and Spirits held its grand opening on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014. The store is located on Harrison Street in the Hilltop Campus Village.

The full-service grocery store has all the staples as well as fresh meat and cheese from Boar's Head, an East Coast high-quality brand found in New York delis.

Manager, Ramadan Farraj, says the store appeals to all ages and income levels - especially the college population.

"You got Palmer [College of Chiropractic] and you got Saint Ambrose [University] right up the street," he says. "So it's easier for the college kids to get what they need."

Farraj also owns Central Grocery in downtown, Davenport with his brother. He says one of the perks of being a local grocery store is you can tend to the needs of your customers.

"We're smaller so we don't have to go through corporate," he laughs. "If they want something we don't have, we just order it. Suggest something and we get it for them."

Farraj says they hired five people for the new location.