Woman arrested for recording traffic stop on her phone

Brandy Berning

Brandy Berning

A Florida woman says she was arrested by police who were unhappy that she recorded sound of what happened when she got pulled over.

WPLG reports Brandy Berning was pulled over for allegedly driving in the car pool lane on Interstate 95 in Broward County.  Berning later told police she was recording the sound of the traffic stop.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, I was recording our conversation,” Berning said.

The deputy responded by telling Berning her actions constituted committing a felony.  He demanded her phone, and when she refused to give it to him, the deputy got into the passenger’s side of her car and tried to take her phone.

Berning said she was then physically removed from her car by police, and arrested.  Police accused her of multiple traffic violations and resisting arrest, and she spent the night in jail.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office notified deputies via an internal memo in July 2013 that citizens can, legally, record law enforcement officers on the job.

WPLG reports all of the charges against Berning were later dropped, and that she was never actually charged with making an unlawful recording.


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