Snow melts, streets flood in Quad Cities

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Temperatures in the Quad Cities warmed up Wednesday, February 19, 2014. But all that leftover snow has started to melt, and it's making a big mess.

"It's heavy, icy slush," said Sandy Black as she shovels snow off of a storm drain in front of her Rock Island home.

"This is a busy street and all that standing water is an accident waiting to happen," Black said.

That's why Moline had crews working all day to clear storm drains around the city.

"We are using heavy equipment loaders to get this snow out of the way," said Moline Public Works Operation Manager Rodd Schick.

Snow was piled more than 6 feet high after crews removed the snow in front of the storm drains. And Schick told News 8 if that snow isn't removed, it will cause some major issues.

"The rain we are supposed to get tomorrow could present local flooding in streets and areas where you wouldn't even think it would be," said Schick.

And next week, that water will turn to ice. That's why Schick says crews are trying to beat the freeze.

"We just want to create safe streets for the residents in this community to travel on."