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Iowa bill proposes stricter texting and driving enforcement

A new bill in Iowa may allow police officers to pull you over if they notice you texting while driving.

A report by KCRG says that on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 a Senate Transportation Subcommittee approved a bill that cracks down on texting and driving.

Currently, officers can only enforce the texting and driving ban if they pull a driver over for breaking another law, like going over the speed limit. The proposal would make it so a driver could be pulled-over specifically for suspected texting and driving.

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Sponsor of the bill, Senator Tod Bowman, said the issue of texting and driving needed extra attention.

As of January 1, 2014 not just texting, but talking on a hand-held cell phone became illegal in Illinois.

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  • Tim

    I am 100% for this, and wish every state would add this bill. Your phone call, your text, your whatever you do on the phone is not important. You do not need to mess around on your phone while driving.

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