Viral Video: Dad laughs uncontrollably at kids falling on ice

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Some controversy now surrounds video shot by a dad who laughs uncontrollably as kids fall on an icy walkway.

Several media outlets identified the man who shot the video as “Alan,” who is apparently waiting to pick up his daughter from school.  On the video, Alan is heard offering commentary as he watches student after student fall on an icy sidewalk.

At one point he says, “I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you.”

When his daughter gets in the car, the laughter continues and he keeps rolling as more falls and near-misses happen on the icy walk.

The daughter is later heard on the video saying, “We’re kind of bad people.”

What do you think – is it ok that the pair thought the icy mishaps were funny?  Tell us in the poll below.

Watch the video in HD in the player below:


  • Chris

    We don’t teach children to laugh when not hurt! It grows strength and the ability to laugh at ones self is a true gift.

  • anthony

    what is coming of this world no one got hurt. Now if some one would of I
    bet you he would of been the first one out there helping them.

  • Jessica

    How are you going to get mad at just the dad when none of the kids went to tell anyone in the school about the ice? Plus what did you expect him to do? Monitor the ice? Please it’s not like he put it there. Leave the man alone.

  • Elizabeth

    Oh for Pete Sake!!!! Give this guy a break!!! EVERYONE laughs when someone falls or trips. Even the kids are all laughing at themselves too. No one was hurt. A few a little embarrassed. People need to stop making a Mountain out of a Molehill!!! SMH!!!

  • Miss Renee

    Seriously?? These are older kids & the group of kids standing there didn’t say anything to their class mates. This went viral why? I’ll tell you why….people need to get out in the real world instead of searching the web for things to complain about!

  • Michael

    OH oh oh…splat. Yup, meant to do that, yup. It’s not hilarious, but funny, oh yea. No one gets hurt, the kids are laughing at the ones who go splat, and THEY’RE not even warning anyone, so… Lighten up Francis!

  • Gina

    You people who are laughing and think it is funny, you are Class A Idiots. The kids were probably laughing to keep from saying something vulgar or crying. One of those kids did get hurt. This father wouldn’t be laughing if his daughter had fallen and sustained a concussion. He should have called the school immediately to report the ice and have salt or something put down. He is an immature idiot.

  • Teresa

    Haven’t we had a show called America’s Funniest Videos for several years. Those videos show people falling or getting hurt all of the time. This is the same thing.

  • EB

    What bothers me is that these kids have been filmed without their consent. Yes, in this case, it’s funny and harmless, but I can’t help but be reminded of creepshots on reddit. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  • Lea

    Remind me to never live in the quad cities if my neighbors are tightwads who don’t find this humorous. I don’t want my kids exposed to people who make a big deal out of nothing. Lighten up fun haters.

  • Becky

    Oh get over it….it was funny and it wasn’t as if they didn’t know there was ice on the ground. I am sure if anyone got hurt he would have been out there helping them. Have you ever watched Americas funniest videos? Maybe we should fuss about that???

  • Shelli O'Connell

    I laughed and I shared it, I am a Mom of 5 and Nana of 8 with one on the way. Lighten up!!! Good Lord then all of you who think it is SO AWFUL need to go to the schools and start handing out bubble wrap! Life happens, and kids are very resisient, if it were at a Nursing Home then yes, but it wasn’t. No harm done!

  • Rachel T

    This poll really isn’t geared toward the story you indicate a “someone” when it should be addressed as a poll of many

    This adult acted childish with his demeanor in front of his daughter Hes so way out of line and MOST adults would of warned these kids or alerted a school official, perhaps calling it in but he chose to make fun and giggle as he was 12 again
    His actions prove immaturity and irresponsible as an observer, an adult and as a parent
    But hey. ghead and applaud him That’s probably his true intention
    People will do anything for a celebrity spot regardless of situation

    Would be interesting to get what these kids parents think, hows that sound Channel 8?

    • jamie b

      I strongly agree with Rachel T. to have the kids parents post what they thought about this video. SHHH!! I taped it too. Can I buy a copy of that? Or the famous. my face hurts from laughing. Hurry up honey we are going to be late for hockey practice you can get hurt there. Its sanctioned by the school. get a life tightwads. that was funny. important life lesson here – watch where you are going.

      • Rachel


        I’m all on board to bat right back to a reply , but
        your reply is just too all over the crazy board and
        I can only smile and laugh at your comment

  • teresa

    This is hilarius! He reminds me of Chevy Chase! This would be a part you would laugh at in a comedy! And put aside theice slipping and look at the awesome relationship you see between father and daughter! This is very funny!!!!

  • teresa

    People do need to lighten up on this guy! He is having free
    simple and pure fun! As all those kids headed toward the ice they seen others fall and other teens were there to warn them. Im 51 and I love to laugh like im 12!!!

  • Rick

    Some one could of gotten hurt, how ever we all were young once and slipping and sliding on the ice was part of our enjoyment and laughing with our friends when they fell flat on our @zz’s. The one thing he should of done was called the school and let them know they needed to do some major salting there for a child could of gotten hurt bad when they came running around the corner.. Thank God many of them had great balance and reflexes. But if any one was to blame first was the school for not taking proper care of the walk ways the public uses to leave school.

  • susan rowe

    i would have done the same thing….but probably would have stayed longer ….that was funny. if someone got hurt i would have gotten out to help … the dad didnt do anything wrong ….the school should have had all the sidewalks cleared in the day….

  • Jay K

    It might be mean-spirited if he wasn’t also laughing at his own kid… but he was, so lighten up. He didn’t put the ice there, either. I do feel bad for the kid in the red coat who “drills it” at 4:28, but all the others appeared to be laughing about it.

  • Cindy

    Come on people, get a life. No one got hurt. The Dad that was videoing it would of got out of this car if some one did get hurt. Everyone that was standing watching people fall also laughed. So what’s the big deal. Get a life and start laughing yourself it’s good for your soul. Try it you might like it. That’s for the funny video, I laughed!!

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