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Many get outside to enjoy temporary break from the cold

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There was a break from the cold weather Tuesday and many took advantage of it.

There’s something almost magical about the first warm day.

“Mother nature putting on that show for free and hey, you know I like to be there," said Larry Mitchell.

The way the sun feels on your face with the car windows down, the sound of snow melting to the ground.

There’s more pep in people’s step.

“I think it was a good time for a walk,” said Michael Ramos.

Fewer layers when they run. And it sure feels good, when you can step outside with just a t-shirt on.

“Compared to what we've had in the last couple months, it's a beautiful day today,” said Ramos.

Perhaps even more because what it looked like just one day before. The nearly six inches of snow that fell in the Quad Cities Monday, February 17, 2014, made this meteorological winter the snowiest on record.