HAIL TO THE CHIEF: Another Snow Record To Watch

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Its been a banner season for snow lovers out there and Monday’s snowfall was indicative of that.  What was interesting is that the 5.9 inches of snow that officially fell at the Quad Cities airport was the highest snowfall from one storm so far this winter season.  What has made this season so unique has been the constant barrage of disturbances that have been racing across Iowa and Illinois.  Most have been Clippers, where a few have been originating out of the Southern Rockies (otherwise known as Colorado Lows).  These snow amounts haven’t been impressive, but they have been numerous.

If you haven’t heard, the recent snowfall manage to put us at the top as the snowiest winter in the Quad Cities with 53.3″.  Here’s the latest tally from December to February so far (the meteorological season).  Click on to it.


..And we could likely add to this total as I see a couple of more rounds of snowfall before this month is all said and done.


BUT WAIT!  We’ve already seen snowfall accumulations even before December.  Doesn’t that count?  Absolutely!  Some may say that would be a true indications as to how long the cold season happen to be during that period.

So let’s do some simple math.  How ’bout we take it from the accumulation(s) before December?  Take the amounts of an around a half an inch on October 22nd (.4) and November 11th (.6) and add that to the total.  That give us 54.3″.  Given how cold the season has been so far we rank 5th all time.  Click on to it:


Hmmm.  Interesting would you say?  I still believe we’re not quite done to adding to this tally either.  The month of March averages around 4 inches, but given how active and cold it has been so far this season chances of inching up in the rankings looks likely.  Lets see if March comes in like a lamb.