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Ads will go on Moline garbage cart lids

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Advertising will soon be seen on the lids of some Moline garbage bins.

Tuesday, the Moline City Council signed off on a one-year pilot program to put advertising on homeowners' garbage can lids. The trial is expected to bring in $12,160 for the city in the first year, with ads only placed on 1,900 trash bins.

City leaders admit the money-making plan is a little out of the ordinary.

"That's what we've encouraged all of our department heads to do -- to think outside the box in these tough economic times. So, we look for ways where we can try to capture some other types of revenue where the taxpayers aren't carrying the full burden," said Mayor Scott Raes.  "This is actually a pretty unique way to cover that."

Money raised from the program will go back into the sanitation fund, which leaders hope to make into a self-sustaining "enterprise fund."

Tuesday, most Moline residents said they didn't care if the city added advertising to their trash cans.

"I think it's fine. I mean, ugly garbage can... it might look a little better if we had some colors on it," added Heather Locander.

Residents were more skeptical, though, about whether the trash bin advertisements would work for businesses.

"I don't think it would really impact too many businesses because I don't think that I would notice -- or many other people would notice -- those at all really," said Tara Egger.

Letters will be sent to all residents whose bins are included in the trial program before the new lids are installed.


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