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Posted on: 9:25 am, February 17, 2014, by , updated on: 12:06pm, March 12, 2014

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  • scenery of ice and snow covered trees in our backyard in Spring Valley Illinois posted by Jan Rutkowski 3-12-14

  • We had hail here along with thunder and lightning this evening!! J Bloome, Wyanet 3-11-14

  • The snow on the side is the only thing holding the water partially at bay. It has a strong current and is flowing fast. The water is fairly deep and I wouldn't try going through it in a car.

  • Starburst image cast on the snow from a yard light (submitted photo)

  • From Bettendorf

  • A lonely tree watches over a snow-covered cornfield in rural Cedar County Iowa.

  • Found this handstanding snowman in my neighborhood in Rock Island-----David Sebben


  • It's Doggone Cold out! Tim, Moline.

  • Lily finds the SniperCicle hanging off the garage.

  • Ice chunks along Bluff Road and Pope Creek in Mercer County, Illinois (WQAD Photo)

  • Flooded back yard airport in Erie, Illinois photo shared by Jim Robinson via Facebook

  • Edwards River off 220th Street outside of Aledo - photo shared by Cassie Lilly-Watson via Facebook

  • Edwards River off 220th Street near Aledo - photo shared by Cassie Lilly-Watson via Facebook

  • Back yard airport in Erie, Illinois photo shared by Jim Robinson via Facebook

  • 6 foot horizontal icicle that grew off the corner bumper the the family truck...tip was not touching the ground. Danville Iowa

  • Porch furniture blown over by high winds - photo shared by Stork Skromme via Facebook

  • Mobile home community flooded in Galesburg 2-20-14

  • Galesburg yard flooded 2-20-14

  • Fire pit covered and flooded back yard photo shared by Sarah Spronston in New Boston, Illinois 2-21-14 via WQAD app

  • Overnight storm in Burlington photo shared 2-20-14 by Matt Richardson via Facebook

  • Snow castle in Rapids City, Illinois photo shared by Kristy Mohr Polenske via Facebook

  • 7-year-old Evan holding a huge icicle - photo shared 2-16-14 by Stacey Woolsey via WQAD app

  • Polar bear at the Davis home in Lamoille, Illinois - photo shared by Ron Davis

  • Ice statue taller than Kody - formed on an outdoor vent - photo shared by Meagan Flaherty Baker via Facebook

  • Rabbit and Leopard Gecko made from the piles of snow along my driveway in Knoxville, IL

  • Rabbit and Leopard Gecko made from the piles of snow along my driveway in Knoxville, IL

  • Rabbit and Leopard Gecko made from the piles of snow along my driveway in Knoxville, IL

  • My 65 feet tower Looking East of Burlington, ia Photo by Ryan Smith West Burlington, ia

  • After all the snow and wind so far this winter our deck is surrounded by snow waves

  • Taken from inside my front door is my neighbors tree and house.

  • Previous snow sculpture pictures were taken 2/12/2014. Here is what they look like today, 2/17. I have already dug them out once (2/14)

  • Here is the rabbit today, 2/17/2014 Kathy Fisher

  • Natural snow sculptures surround our deck from all the snow and wind so far this winter, Sterling, 2-17-14. Photo Shared by Don and Bridget Conklin.

  • Mariah and Jennifer sitting on their half snowman bench holding their dog Tootie, 2-17-14

  • Snow rollers from this mornings snow storm 2-17-14 Dave Robertson, Danville Iowa

  • Here is another photo taken of that rare Phenonema, "snow rollers" from Dave Robertson, Danville Iowa. 2-17-14

  • I took these photos after this morning's snow storm, dozens of "snow Rollers" in my yard. Dave Robertson Danville Iowa 2-17-14

  • This was taken on 2-17-14. I took it from, my cell from my kitchen window. Photo shared by Chesna Lipkowitz from Bettendorf.

  • Delivery Truck on 18th Street in Bettendorf

  • Even the toy trucks got covered in snow, photo shared by Mark B

  • Nice day on the river. Davenport IA,

  • Aledo, Illinois-grandpa is trying to get his car uncovered to go check on his daughter in town!!

  • Above downtown Moline looking East over the rooftops. About 6 a.m. January 7, 2014, -17 degrees. Photo shared by David S.

  • A stream in my front yard. Mobile home community in Galesburg, IL (submitted photo)

  • Area flooding in a mobile home community in Galesburg, IL (submitted photo)

  • In the middle of a down pour on 2-20-14, a fox was sleeping on a roof in Wataga ( ROWVA country). We still wonder how it got there.

  • Taken at Chippianock Cemetery in Rock Island, IL.

  • On a below zero day, radiation warming melted snow from the roof which re-froze on the chair. I think the empty frozen chair speaks for us all. Looking east on 12th Ave., Moline. David S. 2-22-14

  • Made for my neighbor in memory of her mother.

  • In memory of our old Collie "Laddie"

  • Augie the snow dog photo from Steve and Sharon Leech of Milan

  • Car overturned on Route 81 near Kewanee photo shared 3-5-14 by Jennifer Russell via Twitter

  • Dog says Help, it's snowing again - photo from Mary Bemrich

  • Truck jackknifed along I-80 photo shared by Alvaro Macias via Twitter

  • Snow in Spring Valley just south of I-80 photo shared 3-5-14 by Dale Olson via Facebook

  • Hail just south of New Windsor on Tuesday 3-11-14 photo shared by Kim Masters Kness via Facebook

  • Northeast sky just after dusk in Walcott, Iowa - photo shared by Linda K Smith via Facebook

  • Small hail accompanied thunder and lightning Tuesday night in Wyanet, Illinois - photo shared by Luke Clift via Facebook

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