How you can find warmth in your snowy town

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It's typical during the winter season to turn on the news and see stories about snowplows, shoveling, and treacherous roads. In fact, you will see hundreds of those stories nationwide.

But a News 8 reporter and photographer team decided to take a different path after Monday's snowfall. They went to find a location that was sunny and 75 in the Quad Cities.

Their first stop was the Quad City Botanical Center in Rock Island.

"We have a temperature of about 75 degrees in here constantly," said Head Gardner Dave Searl.

The sounds of waterfalls fills the humid air inside of the Botanical Center.

While listening to the water drop, you can lay back in a chair and relax. Or you can feed the gold fish inside the Botanical Center's pond.

Or as Searl says, "Find yourself a nice flower to smell."

"Some of these flowers smell very good and it gives you the feeling of spring," said Searl.

But if you're not into flowers and fish, you can cross the river into Bettendorf and visit QCA Spas.

"It's like a vacation in your back yard here," said salesman Tim Egger.

There are several hot tubs, saunas, and even some small rubber ducks to put you in a state of relaxation. Palm trees painted on the wall give you the feeling of being on a tropical island. And Quad Citians have been flocking for their hot tubs.

"I think everyone is sick of winter so a lot of people are buying spas because of that," said Egger.

So if you haven't thawed out yet, you still have time to find your sunny and 75 right here in the Quad Cities.

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