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All-wheel drive car sales up after snowy winter

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With the Quad Cities now in the midst of its snowiest winter on record, more area drivers are turning to all-wheel drive vehicles to get them where they need to go.

"Right now, they just want to be able to get around in the snow, so all-wheel drive is where it's at," said Tom Pospisil, general manager at Eriksen Chevrolet Buick in Milan, Illinois.

Monday, Pospisil said sales of all-wheel drive trucks, SUVs, and even cars are up this winter, as more people decide they need added traction for driving in the snow.

"In the ice, it doesn't matter if you have all-wheel drive, but in the snow, you're going to get a little better traction, a little better handling, especially if you're out in rural areas where we've had a lot of blowing and drifting this year," said Pospisil.

Driver Adam Warren welcomed Monday's snow and said he's had no problems getting around, thanks to a reliable vehicle.

"I just bought an all-wheel drive vehicle at the end of last year, and it doesn't bother me a bit. I love it," said Warren. "I had a little Neon before... it wasn't as good in the snow."

For others, front-wheel drive was enough to get around the Quad Cities Monday. Many, though, said they were ready to see an end to the snow.

"Yeah, I'm ready to get the fun car back out," sighed one driver.