Quad Citians Stunned With Pricey Heating Bills

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The winter of 2013-2014 has been a record breaker in more than one way.

The cold temperatures that plummeted the Quad Cities in January has led to MidAmerican Energy customers seeing an average of a 28% increase on their energy bill from last January. The high heating costs has put a dent into Joann Bodeen's pocket.

"Our January bill was just under $400," said Bodeen.

That's nearly doubleĀ  her average energy bill. But it's what it takes to keep the home at 70 degrees.

"During the day, the furnace runs three quarters to 50 minutes of every hour," Bodeen said.

She says her kid's play room on the second floor is always about 20 degrees cooler, keeping the furnace running longer.

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"We have to try and keep the house as warm as possible because of our kids," said Bodeen.

But keeping the heat up has taken a toll on her furnace.

"We have had to have the pilot light sensor replaced this winter and that cost us about $200," said Bodeen.

Heating their home has been such a job that they have will be using some of their tax money to help pay for the winter bills. And it's not over yet.

"We haven't gotten February's bill yet. We usually get it at the very end of the month and I'm not looking forward to getting it," said Bodeen.

It's just another reason the winter of 2014 will stand out from the rest.

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