Meet the 2014 Winners and Contestants


Congratulations to our 2014 Winners Jennifer and Dan!

Ultimate Fitness teamed up with WQAD to help 6 contestants get healthy in 2014!

Each participant  worked out at Ultimate Fitness under the supervision of a trainers and followed a fitness program specially designed for them.
After three months two winners (1 male and 1 female) were named based on change in overall fitness level and receive a $500 dollar certificate towards travel on Allegiant, from the Quad City International Airport and a year membership at Ultimate Fitness.


Name: Jennifer
City/State: Coal Valley,Il

Why did you apply for the Fitness Challenge? In the last 2 years I have lost 60 lbs. and would really love to loose the other 40 but somewhere I lost my motivation and I believe this would be the perfect opportunity for me to get back on track.


Total Weight loss

28 lbs and 5% Body Fat Change

Katie2014UFName: Katie
City/State:  Davenport,Ia

Why did you apply for the Fitness Challenge? I am a single mom. My son is 2 years old. I am going to school to get my nursing degree and working at an assisted living center in Davenport. I need help! I have tried losing weight in the past and I have a hard time sticking to a schedule and diet. I need someone to guide me and encourage me. I need people pushing me to do my best. I want to be healthier for my son and for myself.

Total Weight loss

17 lbs and 2% Body Fat Change


Name: Ann
City/State: Davenport,Ia

Why did you apply for the Fitness Challenge?
I have always fought with weight issues, yo-yoing up and down my whole life. My highest weight was 275 and I have been down to 180. Once I get down in weight it seems like no matter what I do to keep it off, I always stray and eat more then go back up. I am sick of it and need some guidance and well as a fun way that could be rewarding in the end! I am a positive strong willed person that is always ready to give it my all!


Total Weight loss

26.9 lbs and 4.6% Body Fat Change


City/State: Rock Island, Il

Why did you apply for the Fitness Challenge?
I would applied because I want to be there for my family. I have tried to diet for years and can't seem to lose weight I am happily married and have a 5 year old son that I want to see grow up and become a great person.


Total Weight loss

17.6 lbs and 3.3% Body Fat Change


Name: Dan
City/State: Bettendorf, Ia

Why did you apply for the Fitness Challenge?
was off work for 9 months and gained 30 lbs. I have always had a fairly physical job to help keep my weight off. I have been back to work for months now and I am not losing it. I need, and want help to get back in shape. 

Total Weight loss

22 lbs


Name: Roger

Why did you apply for the Fitness Challenge?

East Moline, IL

I am getting married this year and would like to start my new life healthier. I have lost about 30lbs. already and I need guidance to lose the rest. I will be committed to work hard to obtain my goal. I want to be able to completely get off my Diabetes medication. I feel I can reach my goals with the help and guidance of a personal trainer. My fiancée and I are committing to a lifestyle change and we want to succeed.


Total Weight loss

12.5 lbs and 2% Body Fat Change


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