Highway worker killed in Stark County

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Flags have been ordered at half-staff in honor of a plow truck driver with the Illinois Department of Transportation who was reportedly killed in a wreck in Stark County.

According to a report by Central Illinois Proud, 49-year-old Michael Holmes of Wyoming, Illinois was killed on Friday, February 14, 2014 near Toulon after stopping to help a stranded motorist.

Holmes was reportedly plowing along Route 17 when he got out of his plow truck to lend a hand to someone else. A vehicle reportedly lost control, hitting the plow truck and then striking Holmes.

The report indicated that Holmes was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead around 10:30 a.m.

“Michael Holmes is a hero,” said Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. “He gave his life while making our roads safer for his fellow citizens.”

Quinn ordered that flags be flown at half-staff to remind Illinois citizens of Holmes’ dedication and sacrifice.

The Department of Transportation said Holmes had worked with the winter operations crew since 2007.


  • Tim

    It is truly sad he died while trying to help someone, but that does not make him a hero. Please stop throwing out the hero title like it’s nothing.

    • Tom

      Mike Holmes and all the snow plow drivers are heroes. They are out in all the worst weather. Just because they are in that big orange cab doesn’t make them invincible. They put their lives at risk. They lead the way in clearing roads for police, fire, and ambulances in emergencies. They and all of the road workers put up with all the idiot drivers that shouldn’t have a license in the first place.

  • Lisa

    Im sorry you dont think that him giving his life to help another human being makes him a hero. In the eyes of most he is a hero. we call our service men and woman heros ( which they are ) for giving their lives, this man should get the same respect. The title hero should be given to people who go above and beyond. May his selflessness, nd kindness forever be remembered!

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