Suspect from baby kidnapping faces another charge in Iowa

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A woman facing federal charges for allegedly kidnapping her newborn nephew faces an additional charge in Iowa.

Kayden Powell was just five days old when he was reported missing from a home in Beloit, Wisconsin February 6, 2014.  Kayden’s mother discovered him missing after her sister left the house to return to her home in Colorado.

The sister, 31-year-old Kristen Smith, was found that same morning in West Branch, Iowa.  After police spoke with her, Smith was arrested on an unrelated warrant issued in Texas.

Kayden was found the next morning, at a gas station near the location where Smith was arrested.  Despite spending more than 24 hours in frigid weather, authorities said Kayden was in excellent health.

Smith was charged February 7 with kidnapping.  Court records indicated Smith admitted to taking Kayden from her sister.   She also reportedly confessed to leaving the baby behind the gas station.   Police said they found baby clothing and other items, including a fake pregnancy belly, in Smith’s car.

Read:  Kristen Smith affidavit filed in Federal Court

Cedar County Attorney Jeffrey Renander reportedly charged Smith Thursday, February 13 with one count of child endangerment.

Smith remained held in the Cedar County Jail.  She was expected to face an extradition hearing Friday, February 14.

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