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Bottled water available to students during Rock Island boil advisory

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Employees within the Rock Island school district made safety preparations as several schools were included in a boil advisory area.

A spokesperson from the Rock Island-Milan School District said that on Friday, February 14, 2014 there would be bottled water available for students and staff to drink.

On Thursday, the City of Rock Island issued a boil advisory for most of the city due to a drop in system pressure likely caused by numerous water main breaks.

“Fortunately, tomorrow, February 14, is a half-day for the elementary schools and dismissal is at 11:45 a.m.,” said a spokesperson from the district.

The junior high school and senior high school do not have school on Friday.

The following schools are located inside the area included in the boil advisory:  the Rock Island Academy, Rock Island Center for Math & Science, Longfellow Liberal Arts, Denkmann, Eugene Field, Washington and Rock Island High School.

Crews brought in bottled water at Denkmann around 6:45 Friday morning. Workers put bags over the water fountains there, so students wouldn't drink the water.