Hospital donates memorable treasures to families

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Perry Memorial hospital in Princeton, Illinois has about 10,000 newborn pictures they are trying to return to families whose babies were born there.

The photos were taken of babies born between December 1961 to December 2002.  From hairy babies, bald babies, and all in between, you are sure to shed a smile.

"We've got just some babies with funny faces,  a lot of hair, and babies that are bald," said Marketing Director of Perry Memorial Hospital Brenda Streit.

Perry Memorial Hospital was forced to close their women's healthcare unit at the beginning of 2014 due to lack of federal and state funding.  That's when the pictures were discovered in storage.

"We just kind of decided that we should open it up to the public and have some specific times that people could come in and get these photos if they want," Streit said.

The pictures were first put on display in January 2014.  It was such a hit, that about 5,000 photos were picked up by families and friends.

"We have had people that have come through and have told us how much it's meant to them," Streit said.

And Streit is hoping that more people will come and pick up a piece of their past.

The hospital is making the photos available for pick up between February 14 and 17.  For more information, click here.

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  • Chris

    I think other hospitals should follow in this one’s footsteps. Even if they sold the photos for a buck a piece.

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