Weather in Atlanta impacting flights in the Quad Cities

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Streets empty and grocery store shelves wiped clean, the Atlanta area and much of the South is preparing for dangerous ice conditions. That storm is impacting flights in the Quad Cities.

Flights between the Quad Cities and Dallas and Atlanta were canceled February 11, 2014 and many flights to and from Atlanta have been canceled for February 12, 2014. The last flight in to the Quad Cities from Atlanta arrived just before 5:00 p.m. Tuesday.

"I had one of the later flights that was canceled, so we were watching the weather report down there, and immediately started scrambling trying to get our flights changed. And if this one got canceled, trying to get hotel reservations, they were filling up really fast,” said Jamie Gillette.

According to the Quad City International Airport website, Delta Air Lines flight 5577 arriving from Atlanta at 10:54 AM is canceled and Delta Air Lines flight 5192 arriving from Atlanta at 4:00 PM is also canceled.

Delta Air Lines flight 5577 to Atlanta at 11:29 AM and Delta Air Lines flight 5192 to Atlanta scheduled for 4:35 PM has also been canceled.