McDonald’s worker celebrates 100th birthday

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Customers and co-workers love him, and happily helped Morris Miller recently celebrate his 100th birthday.

Miller started working at a Needham, Massachusetts McDonald’s when he was 75.  Twenty-five years later, he’s not about to give it up.

“I’ll keep coming as long as I can move,” Miller told WBZ.

When Miller moved into his nineties, the restaurant’s owner decided Miller didn’t need to do so much heavy lifting.

For the past several years, his boss has paid Miller to be the restaurant’s ambassador of sorts.  Miller shows up for a few hours, three days a week, to have a free breakfast chat with customers, according to WBZ.

The day before he officially turned 100 years old, Miller celebrated at his beloved McDonald’s.  He got accolades and a nice bonus check for being so valuable to the restaurant and to the community.

Restaurant owner Tim McCoy said Miller is popular with customers at his McDonald’s.

“This is what keeps all the customers coming back.  His smile and his determination,” McCoy said.

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