Moline wrestler competes against all odds

Adarios Jones has overcome a lot to be part of  the Moline High School wrestling team.

While he works every day to get better on the mat, the senior is also focused on a medical condition that could stop him at any time.

“It’s a huge season for me,” Jones said.  “People expect me to make a splash at state.”

Jones has a medical condition that, so far, has doctors baffled.

“I’ve been to Loyola and Iowa City.  After my senior year, I’m going to Mayo Clinic,” Jones said.  He’ll see a specialist then from overseas and, hopefully, get a diagnosis for the recurring problem doctor’s just cannot pinpoint.

“It’s frustrating to hear doctors say, ‘We don’t know what you have,” Jones said.

The mystery condition causes Jones to have seizures of sorts, during which he sweats and suffers chest pain and, sometimes, passes out.

“It feels like someone is rolling a monster truck over your chest,” Jones said.

Coaches watch him closely, and say they have not had many issues during matches.

“Afterwards, we get him rehydrated and get the nerves to spread out a little bit,” said Moline wrestling coach Todd Thompson.

Despite all of this, Jones keeps pushing to be the best.  He says he is ready to finish his high school wrestling career in Champaign.

“I’m confident in my moves and conditioning,” Jones said.  “If I stay confident, I’ll be on top of that podium.”


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