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Moline is on the move with 2014 projects

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Amy Trimble is making a 15-year dream come true.

"I think this year is really exciting," she said.

Trimble, who owns WaterMark Corners, was one of the first retailers near John Deere Commons in 1999. Now, her vision for success is becoming a reality for many others.

Downtown Moline will get another boost. That's when passenger rail is expected to return in 2015. There will be plans for a station, hotel and more.

"They'll be staying down here," Trimble continued. "They'll be eating every dinner, every lunch. They'll want to shop."

It all sounds good to Kiwanis and Rotary Club members. They got a preview of it all on Monday at the i Wireless Center.

The state of the city keeps Moline on the move these days.

"The exciting thing is that the developers are starting to come to us," said Mayor Scott Raes.

During the presentation, city leaders outlined plans for growth and projects in all parts of the city.

"They can see the success that is going on," Raes said.

2014 will be a year of opportunities in Moline. From economic development to neighborhood revitalization, it's all about the future.

That's the promise with the next phase of Western Illinois University. The adjoining Riverbend Commons will offer student housing and retail space. There's also plenty of room for more.

"The whole property is 15 acres," said Janet Mathis, executive director of Renew Moline. "So part of it is going to be developed for market-rate housing and more commercial retail space."

Other huge projects include the complete facelift for SouthPark Mall, a long-term improvement on John Deere Road and, eventually, the new I-74 bridge between Moline and Bettendorf.

Moline finds a frontier, of sorts, south of the Quad City Airport. The city envisions plenty of room for residential and retail opportunities.

Back at WaterMark Corners, it's a vision that began in 1999 for Amy Trimble.

"I think Moline has a lot to offer," she concluded. "It's growing, and it's just really exciting to be a part of it."

For Trimble and others, excitement over dreams that are becoming realities in Moline.