Melting icicles could cost you hundreds of dollars

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Those icicles draped over your roof and gutters may look spectacular, but they could be dangerous and they could potentially cost you hundreds of dollars.

Homes in the Quad City area appear as if they were sprayed with a hose and left to freeze in the cold February 2014 temperatures. Icicles hang several feet from the gutters and roofs to which they are attached.

"I think it's just beautiful," said Dorothy Howlett as she admired the frozen art hanging from her apartment's gutter.

Howlett has lived in her Rock Island apartment for 13 years.

"This is the first year it's looked like that," Howlett said in awe.

But State Farm Agent Bob Taylor warns of the damage icicles can cause.

"There is a lot of weight in those icicles, so they tend to pull down whatever they are hooked to," said Taylor.

One issue homeowners could face in the upcoming days is warming temperatures.  Days surrounding February 14 were expected to reach the mid thirties.  That could result in icicles and ice-filled gutters starting to melt.

That is where the problem starts.

"Ice could back up under the shingles and you're going to get water stains up on the ceiling,"  he continued, "that's called 'water damming,'" Taylor said.

Those water spots on the ceiling are a sign of water damage.  Typically, a homeowner can submit a claim to their insurance company.

Lastly, icicles will be falling soon which can be extremely dangerous, if not fatal. Knocking the ice off of your roof could prevent injury, and potentially save you money.

Click here for more information on how to prevent icicles on your home.

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