Tutor pays overdue lunch accounts for more than 60 students

cafeteria lunch tray

A Houston, Texas tutor stepped in to help dozens of kids who weren’t allowed to eat because they owed their school some lunch money.

Kenny Thompson, a tutor and mentor for students in Houston, took $465 of his own money and paid off the cafeteria account balances of more than 60 kids at his school, according to our sister station KTLA.

Thompson said he was inspired to act after he heard about a Utah school district cafeteria manager and her supervisor put on paid leave after dozens of kids there had their lunches taken away because they owed money on their school lunch accounts.

“They don’t need to be worried about finances,” Thompson said. “They need to be worried about what grade they got in spelling.”

The report said many of the students helped by Thompson’s money were already on reduced lunches that cost 40-cents a day.

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  • Tim

    I don’t understand how a kid on a reduced price which is only 40 cents still can’t afford his food. Makes me wonder if his parents just don’t care.

    Either way, since when is getting paid/getting money more important than feeding our children?

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