Illinois shuts down 11-year-old’s cupcake business

Chocolate Cupcake

An Illinois girl had her cupcake business shut down when the state said she was not complying with local laws.

According to a report by ABC News, 11-year-old Chloe Stirling ran a business out of her family’s kitchen called Hey Cupcake. The sixth-grader’s bakery was shut down after Illinois Health officials found the girl was not meeting health code regulations.

Health officials in Madison County informed Chloe that if she wanted to continue selling cupcakes she would either need to buy a bakery or build a separate kitchen.

“It bummed me out because I wanted to keep baking,” Chloe told “I had a bunch of orders and they said I had to cancel them all.”

According to the report, spokeswoman Toni Corona from the Madison County Department of Health said that the laws are “applied uniformly and without discrimination.”

Corona said that the department of health “applauds the entrepreneurial spirit” that Chloe has and hopes Hey Cupcake can find a location that complies with state laws.

Heather Stirling, Chloe’s mother, planned to meet with officials from the health department and the state attorney to find a way to help her daughter re-open Hey Cupcake.

“This is her niche. You have kids who are good at baseball and soccer and this is what they pursue,” Stirling said. “Chloe is one of a kind. No one else does this at her age. There are a lot of hoops we’re going to have to jump through.”

Chloe had run the business at her home in Troy for two years. One dozen cupcakes cost $10 and more intricate treats cost $2 each.


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