Senate fails to pass unemployment benefits extension

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WASHINGTON (CNN) — A Democratic proposal to continue long term unemployment benefits failed Thursday to get the 60 votes needed to clear a procedural hurdle in the Senate despite support from some Republicans.

It was defeated 58 to 40. Four Republicans voted with Democrats in favor of the measure that would have extended for three months benefits that expired in December.

The outcome leaves in doubt the prospects for extending the payments to people who are chronically out of work. Bipartisan negotiators have worked for several weeks to reach agreement but they haven’t been able to bridge their differences.

Democrats insisted they have bent over backwards to address GOP concerns, including offsetting the costs and allowing votes on a handful of Republican amendments to the bill. They say Republicans fundamentally oppose extending the benefits any further.

Some Republicans have argued the extended benefits are a disincentive for people to find jobs and have wanted to tie reforms to the unemployment insurance program to the extension.

Republican negotiators wanted to vote on more amendments than Democrats were willing to accept and also wanted to repeal a reduction in cost of living increases for retired military personnel that was imposed as part of a recent budget agreement.

Recent national polling indicated strong majority support for extending long term unemployment benefits.


  • todd marshall

    well what now now we have 1.7 million peole in line for welfare how are these people gonna pay there bills and feed there children my wife has sent her resume to 73 different job postings not one reply WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSE TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE OUT REPUBLICANS

  • Bel

    I can’t believe these Republican’s are so willing to let people lose the roof over their heads and prevent them from putting food on the table just to continue to their battle with the Democrats, that’s all this is about they really could care less about the people who are struggling every day!!

  • Drew

    I am a republican but this is unconsciousable! These people will just move to food stamps n public assistance. Stupid move

  • Mk Barrett

    The Republicans only care for themselves. They do not live in the real world. As long as they have their privileges and entitlements, they don’t care about the common person. They are rich, greedy and non-compassionate people who keep getting richer at the commoner’s expense.

  • Jamie

    It is disgusting. Their approval rating already is at 6%, maybe they can get it down to 1% by November when most of them are trying to get re-elected. Does anyone know when they will vote again since Reid voted “no” to have another vote?

  • tracy ingram

    this is a joke… how can you practice what you preach if you haven’t walked in their shoes…. they don’t know what the real world is like. well come to my home and I will show you…. live my big dreams….I need to be on that board… go team tracy. at least I know what americans need and want…..

  • Sue

    They are like children fighting on the playground. If the republicans had family members who were out of work & needed help I bet they would pass this extension in a NY minute!!!

  • Ron Luz

    How can you take the roof over our heads and the food from our tables and no money to put gas in a car to look for a job I ask everyone in this country to vote for no republicans they are useless I hope this happens to all of them

  • Debbie Farnham

    Utterly ridicious! !!!!! My husband and I are senior citizens and his unemployment ran out Dec. 2013. He was laid off after he went back to work partime after he suffered a stroke. We live on a limited income and rely on unemployment especially to pay for heating bills. Senior citizens are the last people companies want to hire. Stupid move Republicans! !!!!!

  • Bernice

    No way to express the depth of disappointment with the callous behavior of senators entrusted with the welfare of the American people. The complete disregard, with no qualms whatever, toward people sinking certainly into ruin. How can they eat a wonderful dinner and enjoy a warm, comfortable home tonight knowing they denied those things to so many.

  • Ryan

    I am/was us in extended unemployment benefits in the 599 program… I’m almost done with school… but I am about to lose my house and vehicle. My wife is about to lose her job where she has to pay weekly rent, because we are putting food in the mouths of 3 children instead of paying bills. This is thoroughly disgusting! Am I supposed to quit school for an entry level job and owe the government, & the school money for not finishing school? There isn’t even a guarantee I can get an entry level job. A few months after I was layer off I tried to get jobs… even entry level. Going back to school wasn’t my first choice, and it’s not easy at any age to be away from education for years and just walk right back into it!

  • Jeffrey Smith

    This is insane! I am actively looking. I send out resumes and have had several interviews. Find a job is not like ordering a pizza. I’ve read one report that stated it takes on average 35 weeks to secure new employment. How am I supposed to put gas in my car to go on interviews or pay for internet access to job search? I need a haircut so i can look good for interviews. I’m not unemployed by choice! PASS THE EXTENSION!!

  • Bhavuk Uppal

    Can anybody please tell me whether or not the senate will have another showdown at voting on passing this extension? Will it likely be next week? Will their definitely be another voting session…guaranteed?

  • Brian

    Why? I was sure the dems and reps had there ducks in a row on this one. I mean, what a no brainer. A bill that has a 90% + approval rating amongst the public , and one that would help over 1.7 million voters ,families, and neighbors .

  • John Boehners Hair

    Those 1.7 million need to call every single one of the Nay republicans and express their opinion. Imagine a senator getting that many calls?

  • California

    This is unbelievable.
    Congress passed this exact measure under Bush without issue while the unemployment rate was lower than it is now. What gives?

    I really hope Congress stands up and pushes this harder and continues emergency unemployment for what will soon be teens of millions.

    The emergency unemployment law was enacted when the unemployment rate was (LOWER) then it is now. That make zero sense.


  • Dart

    I can’t understand the republicans who are voting no on the UI extensions rep and dems alike are having sleepless nights, it’s not like we don’t want to work I’m a realist people only voted for Obama because it’s seemed that he was fighting for the working class unlike his republican counterpart! The hurt of Christmas and New Year day and now valentines day and birthdays and anniversaries without the funds to do anything will not be forgotten by the time November gets here.
    Who will the people blame pay attention to the polls!

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