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Facebook grants man’s plea to see his son’s “look-back” video

John Berlin pleads to see video of his son

Facebook granted a mourning father’s plea to see his son’s look-back video.

As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, Facebook made videos available to give users a one-minute look at some of the highlights they posted since joining the social network.

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Jesse Berlin, 22, passed away a week before Facebook made those look-back videos available.  Jesse’s father, John Berlin of St. Louis, posted video on YouTube of himself as he tearfully begged Facebook to give him access to his son’s look-back video.

John appealed to his friends to help spread the word that he desperately wanted to see Jesse’s video.

PIX11 reported they reached out to Facebook after seeing John’s YouTube plea.  The two organizations joined forces to contact John and grant his wish.   PIX11 reported a representative from Facebook said they contacted John and his wish was being granted.


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