Arsenal Island buildings evacuated for reported gas leak

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More than a dozen people reportedly complained of headaches and nausea as they were evacuated from three buildings on Arsenal Island.

Initial information indicated people inside a building at 3102 Rodman Avenue, reported the odor of gas or some petroleum product had been noticeable for about two hours before hazmat crews were called there just after noon Thursday, February 6, 2014.

The building, located just west of the golf course, was immediately evacuated.  It was later released that three buildings were evacuated.

Hazardous materials crews responded from several area fire departments.

Two people were expected to be taken by ambulance to an area hospital.  Several others were expected to be taken by bus to also be checked out at the hospital.

A spokesman for the Rock Island Arsenal said they were investigating the possibility that the odor happened when exhaust from a diesel truck traveled into the building’s ventilation system.

The Arsenal spokesman said the issue was an “air quality problem” and that three buildings were evacuated.  He confirmed that about 20 people reported being ill and that they were still working to determine the source.

A spokesperson for UnityPoint Health – Trinity said they were initially told to expect up to eight patients from the incident at their Rock Island location.  She said later they ended up with 14 patients from the incident.  None of the injuries were life-threatening and all but one of the patients had been released from the hospital by about 3 p.m.


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