Extreme weather hurts Main Street business in Galesburg

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Galesburg's Main Street was feeling winter's wrath on Wednesday.

"Normally, this time of day it's pretty busy," said Dennis Case.

Dennis and Carla Case own Casey's Party Creations at 220 E. Main Street.

On Wednesday, no need for decorative snowflakes. There's more than enough of the real thing to go around.

"It's really hurt business badly," Dennis said.

Strong winds were whipping a nearby flag. Folks were minimizing any time outside.

"They can delay it a day or two, so they do," Carla said.

That's tough to take at Casey's Party Creations. It's a real Mom-and-Pop shop. The Cases know all about hard work and determination. But Mother Nature is cutting their sales in half.

"When it's like this, you might only have a half dozen people in the store the whole day," Dennis said.

This family-owned business is celebrating 20 years in Galesburg. It's a real success story on Main Street.

"We like coming to work every day," Carla said.

The store survived plant closures and downturns. Now, extreme weather is taking a bite out of business.

"It's still a long way from being back to where it used to be," Dennis said.

These winter blahs can really take a toll on business. That's why their store is bracing for better weather and soon.

"It's a terrible thing to wish your life away," Dennis continued. "But I sure wish it was April."

The Cases are waiting for desolate sidewalks to clear. It's just hard to get walk-ins with temperatures in the teens.

"You just take it one day at a time," Carla concluded.

This popular Mom-and-Pop shop won't let the weather burst their balloons.