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Repeated snows leave behind mountains of snow

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When the snow falls and it's plowed away, where does it go?

Chances are you will find the answer when you pull up to an intersection. Mountains of snow piled several feet high block the view for both motorists and foot traffic.

“People need to approach their intersections with a lot more caution,” said Doug House with Moline’s Department of Public Works.

There are several intersections throughout the Quad Cities that have snow piled several feet high.  Cold temperatures and consistent snowfall has added to the snow totals.

“It’s getting to be a problem. Where do you put the snow? And now we have another big one coming,” House said.

City officials fear more snow will add to those already gigantic piles. The additional snow is sure to make traveling risky.

In addition to commuters' safety, snow crews have been working long hours.

This winter has been exceptionally busy for snow crews, but it’s also putting a dent into the Moline’s snow removal budget.

“It’s been a stressful year on our budget,” House continued, “It can impact things that happen later in the year, like what kind of services or projects we do in the summer.”

Moline residents like Raymond Campbell says they are happy with the job the city’s plows are doing.

“It’s got to be a burden on the street crews, and they are keeping up,” said Campbell.

Others like Campbell’s dad, Raymond Campbell Sr., are just ready for winter to pass.

“We want to shoot that ground hog,” he said.

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