Illinois Governor fights for Childhood Education

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is fighting for more childhood education programs.

Governor Quinn visited schools in both Rockford and Chicago on Thursday, January 30th, 2014. The visit came just a day after the governor made his State of the State Address.

Governor Quinn has a new plan called the "Birth to Five Initiative." He'd like every mother to have access to prenatal care. He also wants every child to have early care and learning opportunities. Governor Quinn  claims this initiative is the cornerstone to creating more jobs in the future.

Governor Quinn's push comes just one day before the Child Abuse Council holds a forum for lawmakers on both sides of the Quad Cities. The council supported a similar event like this last year.

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos was in attendance at the forum Friday. Child Abuse Council Executive Director Sue Swisher made the opening remarks. Swisher says she is extremely concerned about the Illinois income tax hike expiring at the beginning of 2015. She wants the personal income tax levels to stay at 5 percent. If Illinois lawmakers let them expire, the personal income tax rate will drop down to 3.75 percent.

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  • Janiece

    Where will the money come to pay for this? Our pensions are being cut so I can’t see how there is available money for this initiative.

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