Customers say goodbye to longtime Moline Restaurant

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People are doing whatever it takes to get one last taste of Belgian Village Inn in Moline before it closes. A Quad City favorite, the restaurant has been around since 1977.

There's that old saying, don't bite off more than you can chew, but for Belgian Village Inn customers, they're hoping to get a mouthful, even if it means standing shoulder to shoulder to get their last Reuben sandwich.

"We were the first ones to get a table today. We got here about 10:20, said customer Lynn Timmerman.

However, they'll be leaving with more than bellies full, every person has their own stories to share.

Like Ron and Joann Sandberg who met at Belgian Village Inn 28 years ago and still come back on their anniversary.

"We stood outside and had a few beers and got to know each other. Got married a couple years later," said Joann.

Then there's the customers who say they remember coming to Belgian Village when they were little.

"A lot of celebrations, family celebrations," Todd Gillitzer remembers.

Timmerman and her friend Luann Haydon, Bonnie Johnson, have been coming to Belgian Inn for the last 30 years. Their friendship has been filled with a lot of laughs and good food.

"A lot of parties , a lot of beers," said Haydon.

At the drive through location, the wait was even longer. Some waited four hours for their food, but customers say it's well worth it. What some say is a landmark for the Old Towne Neighborhood.

"Everybody knows everybody and it's just a friendly atmosphere," said Ron.

A tradition that has been around for decades, has come to an end.

"It's been a good run for them," said Gillitzer.

Even though owners say it has been a good run, they say it's the right time to end this chapter. The building is up for sale, customers are hoping someone will buy it so the reuben sandwich will continue on. Saturday, February 1, will be the last day they will be open.

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  • Steve The Painter

    Bummers. I understand it’s a business decision for the owners, but I am still sad for all the folks (including me) who grew up on the Van de experience.

    I moved away years ago, but still talk up the place to friends, and visit when I can.

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