Tempers flare at Moline school board meeting

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Tempers flare in Moline as the school board presented some options for what to do with Ericsson Elementary school. The board voted last spring to close it then two months ago, parents got a survey and a chance to weigh in on what they'd like to see done with that building.

Thursday, January 30, 2014, everyone got to hear the results, but the topic upset some people. Surveys were sent throughout Moline back in November, 2013.

85 people participated, out of that 85 only 30 from Ericsson elementary took the survey. Out of the seven categories people could choose from, an education and recreation community center had the most votes.

"If they cannot keep it as a school for the children then I think that would be a good resource," said Clover Daley, a neighbor.

Focusing on ESL classes and a community bilingual literacy were also important, especially the school is located in the Floreciente neighborhood.

However, as the discussion went on, the conversation continue to get heated, ending the night with the board voting to end the meeting.

"I didn't participate for one. I don't want the school to be any community center I want it to be a school so you're handing out surveys that nobody wants to participate in," said one concerned parent.

Tonight wasn't the final say, the school board will have several other meetings before a decision is made. Everyone at Thursdays meeting was handed a survey to fill out. The school board will look at those results as well.


  • Tim

    This isn’t an article, it’s like a mini text form of what was said…except we’re being told very little. Nice use of excessive caps lock. Really helps get the message across!

  • Laura

    Gotta love parents who don’t get involved and then complain about the decisions made. Schools are getting closed….it is not the school board members fault, it is the State of Illinois. Maybe if more parents would attend the monthly board meetings, they would realize this.

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