Quinn issues disaster proclamation for propane crisis

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn issued a disaster proclamation in an effort to relieve the state’s shortage of propane and heating oil.

Quinn said the propane shortage is due to a combination of a colder-than-normal winter and heavy use of propane to dry grain during harvest season.

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A statement from the governor’s office said the proclamation allows Illinois-licensed truckers to travel through other states, without first having to get additional licenses, to bring propane and heating oil to Illinois.

“The declaration also allows drivers to remain behind the wheel longer in order to retrieve heating fuel from other states and bring it back to Illinois.  These actions increase the number of drivers available to bring propane into Illinois from other states,” the governor’s statement said.

The tax for out-of-state trucks using Illinois roads was temporarily suspended for trucks delivering heating fuel to Illinois as part of the declaration.

Quinn said the U.S. Department of Transportation also issued an emergency declaration that provides federal regulatory relief for vehicles delivering liquid propane and heating fuels to affected locations.

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  • Brianna Eckhardt

    I hope cause the prices are crazy. How r we suppost to afford propane. I can bearly afford it when it wasnt high.

  • r. kelly

    The shortage has little to do with the cold weather or drying corn. In 2008 the US was exporting about 25,000 barrels of propane a day. As of 10/13 that figure rose to about 450,000 barrels a day. Somebody’s making billions while I, going broke trying to heat my house. Nice.

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