Arsenal ambulance project is a real life-saver

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There's new job security for hundreds of workers at the Rock Island Arsenal. That's because the Arsenal's factory, the Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center, landed an $84 million deal to build ambulances for the National Guard.

Nearly 200 of the factory's 1,200 workers will focus on building 500 ambulances through June 2015.

It's a timely chance to showcase the talent inside the JMTC operation.

"The people who work here at Rock Island Arsenal have an incredible capability to serve not only the green-suiters but also the people of America," said Col. David Luders, JMTC commander.

That explains why an ambulance is rolling through the factory floor on Tuesday. It will be put into action all over the country. The redesigned Humvee will be ready to respond during natural disasters that require off-road capabilities.

"This is the end product of a lot of hard work," Col. Luders said.

Hard work and determination saluted at the Arsenal on Tuesday. This project shows its flexibility and relevance. The first five ambulances are already on the way to Alaska.

"There's a lot of cutbacks still going on in the Department of Defense," said Sam Kupresin, Mandus Group. "So the Arsenal being able to respond to various tasks and assignments is going to be important to its health."

The ambulance is more than just an important piece of equipment. It also helps to showcase the importance of the Rock Island Arsenal during challenging times.

It's endorsing the 1,200 factory workers. That means a lot to its history and future.

"We're talking about taking care of our family here in America," Col. Luders said. "That's really what this represents."

Ambulances that really are lifesavers for the country and factory.