Moline day care steps up during extreme weather

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Working mom Sarah Chavez faces extra stress when school districts close. She must get to her job. Plus, she must make plans for her two young school-age kids.

"Knowing school is already cancelled, I need to know what I'm going to do next," she said. "Where can I take them? I need to have a plan."

That makes P & J Tender Care in Moline and Rock Island even more important. It stayed open despite brutal outdoor conditions. Youngsters could spend the day in a warm and friendly environment.

"We feel that it's very important that parent can trust us with their children and know that we're here for them regardless of their work hours from Monday through Friday," said Debbie Case, P and J Tender Care.

While Monday's attendance was about half that of a typical day, staffers worked hard to keep the youngsters active and smiling. That's a big deal for parents.

"Knowing day care in open, I have no issues, no options," said Chavez, who also works there.

While kids enjoy indoor activities, parents can go about their daily routines. That's even more important when the weather becomes so extreme.

It's just too cold for outdoor recess. The playground equipment remains vacant. Temperatures tell the frigid story. They try to make the most of it at P & J.

"Often times, just having a normal day for children is actually the best option you can give them," said Case.

That's a good option for working moms like Sarah Chavez.

"It's very important," she concluded. "It's one day that I could come to work, and I don't have to be at home."

P & J Tender Care is at 4544 3rd Street in Moline. (309) 764-6908. The Rock Island Center is at  2201 11th Street. (309) 788-6908.