Burlington School District’s decision creates ruckus

Nearly 150 schools canceled class in the Quad City Area Monday, but not the Burlington School District. The decision to keep Burlington Schools open caused unrest for several parents.

“It’s a no win situation,” said Burlington School District’s Superintendent Jane Evans. “No matter what we decide, somebody will be unhappy about it.”

Prior to last week, the Burlington School District did not have an official guideline to follow in regards to closing school due to the cold. But because the arctic temperatures have wrapped around the Midwest, a new policy had to be put in place.

“We agreed that the range from minus 25 to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit would be something that would cause us to delay or cancel class,” Evans said.

But parents took to the school’s Facebook page to show they disagree. One of those parents is Joann Thomason.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous they had class today,” Thomason exclaimed.

Thomason added she is concerned with kids who have to walk to school.

But Superintendent Evans ensured that if parents didn’t feel comfortable sending their kids to school when it’s that cold, they didn’t have to.

“If they call the school and let us know they can get an excused absence,” Evans said.

And for the days ahead, Burlington will be keeping a close watch on the weather.


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