Small Plane Crashes Into Milan Field

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Engine failure forced a small plane to land in a field in Milan, Illinois.

Illinois State Police said the Cessna 172K fixed-wing, single-engine plane was traveling from Davenport, Iowa to Moline, Illinois when it experienced engine failure and was forced to land.

Police said it happened just before 5:30 p.m. in a field located at 929 32nd Avenue East.

The pilot, 65-year-old Larry Roth of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, and one other passenger were aboard.  No one was injured in the crash.

There was damage to the front of the plane.

Police said they were not sure if weather played a factor in the crash.


  • Marcy

    Larry is a great person and could have been seriously injured or even died in this crash. I am very thankful that he is ok and was a seasoned pilot that knew what to do in this very scary situation. This could have turned out much worse and you should be ashamed for your comment.

  • ArtMartin

    I was the passenger in that plane. Larry is a client of mine and it was his skill and calmness that made a successful result. When he said he had to put the plane down but we would be OK I trusted him.
    I cannot say enough about the professional response of everyone associated with Milan or the State Police. Even the farmer who’s field we ended up in was out of his house with his wife in the cold and snow with blankets before anyone arrived. I will not forget their kindness or care . Anyone who would think this is funny should be so lucky to be flying with a guy line Larry
    Art Martin
    Hilton Head South Carolina

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