Search Dogs Spend Final Day in QC

Captain Dexter and Sergeant Duke are on their way back to Chicago.

Sunday, January 24th, 2014 was the search dogs last day in the Quad Cities after spending four days looking for any trace of 29-year-old Carrie Olson or 45-year-old Willis Hughes. Both are from Davenport and both have been missing since December 2013.

The dogs' handler, Rob Larson with K9 Specialties, spent his last day in the Quad Cities searching Camden Park in Milan, Illinois. He says they've been through a number of parks in the area, as well as looked along rivers and in ditches.

Larson says they haven't had any luck, but he plans to come back.

"I don't quit on my cases until we find them," he told News 8. "I don't care how long this takes me. I'll be out here until we find something."

For more coverage in the search for Carrie Olson, click here.

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