Illinois sees greatest population loss of any state

New numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau show over the past year, Illinois has had more people move out of the state than in than any other state in the country.

From July 2012 to July 2013, 67,313 people moved out of the state, while 27,751 moved in.  That makes a total loss of 39,562 people in the State of Illinois.

In Iowa, there was an increase of 4,814 people; 671 of those people were domestic, 4,143 were international.

Maher Brothers Transfer & Storage said they aren’t surprised by the Illinois numbers. The moving company said they have moved 15 to 20 people out of Illinois in January 2014 alone. The most common places they helped move people to were Florida, California, Oregon, Colorado and Washington.

“Mainly for work, nobody’s ever said anything other than for work unless they’re going to like Arizona and then it’s like retirement or even Florida’s retirement, but all the younger people’s always for work,” said Maher Brothers Truck Driver Toby Otts.

Analysts say the high unemployment rate at roughly 9% in Illinois, is not helping. It’s a different story on the Iowa side of the river where the unemployment rate is 4.6%.


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