Some still active in the cold weather

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The deep freeze hasn’t kept some from jumping in pools or getting an ice cream cone.

“It's the oldest pool in the city. We must have the only event going on,” said Terry Hatfield, Davenport Central Boys Swimming Coach, “Worth the ticket to get in.”

A ticket, to the backstroking, under water flipping, diving show could be rare.

“We're the only show in town, everybody else is closed down,” said Hatfield.

Davenport canceled all sporting events January 23, 2014, except for the Davenport Central and Bettendorf Swim meet.

“Right now we're both tied for the MAC with no defeats,” said Hatfield.

It was a big meet for both teams.

“It'll be interesting,” he said.

And why not let the only show in town go on? It was an estimated 78 degrees under water.  Even with the sun reflecting off the ice, the locked, empty ice rink in Moline, may be the best indication that people aren’t taking their chances outside. But, like anything, there are exceptions. A few people made their way to Whitey’s.

While those inside the pool are warming up, those outside the water are finding ways to avoid the cold, because eventually they’ll all be getting out.