North Liberty man accused of dating 13-year-old girl

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Seth Sackett photo from Johnson County Jail

A 23-year-old North Liberty, Iowa man faces criminal charges in connection with his alleged relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

A police complaint says Seth Sackett, 23, is exchanged “numerous text messages” with the girl that discussed their “dating relationship.”  The complaint also alleges Sackett touched the girl inappropriately and that he “admitted to officer he and the victim kissed and that he touched the victim’s thigh.”   The contact is alleged to have happened in mid-November 2013.

Jail records show Sackett was arrested in Bettendorf just after midnight on December 6, 2013 where he was accused of using a false ID and possession of a controlled substance.   He was held in the Scott County Jail until he was released to Johnson County authorities Wednesday, January 22, 2014.

Jail records show Sackett was held in the Johnson County Jail in lieu of $10,000 cash-only bond.

Court records show Sacket was charged in Johnson County with one count of indecent contact with a child.  His next court appearance there was scheduled for February 3.


  • Tim

    I don’t blame him. Most teen girls look like they’re in their 20s. Where’s the picture of the girl? Oh that’s right, they want to hide how mature she looks.

  • Tim

    Also, unless the author purposely chose not to add it in the article, where is the girl’s punishment? It takes two to tango, and she obviously was okay with dating a guy who was 23.

  • skylarmadison

    You cannot victim blame a 13 year old CHILD. He was charged because he was an adult in control of the situation and he was cognitively aware of the consequences. The victim’s identity is protected because she is a CHILD. If you think having sexual contact with a minor child is okay because it “takes two to tango” I strongly suggest you talk to a professional about your thoughts.

    • Tim

      Don’t feed me that BS. Everyone acts like the child is always the innocent little victim. She didn’t complain, she didn’t tell him no. She knew what she was doing. She should get equal punishment.

      • Sarah

        At 13 your brain is not developed enough to consider the consequences of things. At any rate, the adult male in the situation is the only one to blame. 13 is to young, you can not blame the victim.

  • Belinda

    This is the same idiot that took advantage of a 12 year old girl! He is a total idiot!!! Charges should have been pressed on him then!

  • Emma

    Lol the girl was willingly with him! The guy was with her older sister and when she found out him and her little sister were talking, she made her report him. They are BOTH responsible for this. Therefore, she should get equal punishment!

    • Jackie

      Wow, I can’t believe I am reading the comments I am reading. It doesn’t matter if this 13 year old is wearing makeup, it doesn’t matter if this 13 year old wears short skirts, it doesn’t matter if the 13 year old is prancing around naked. THE GIRL IS 13 YEARS OLD! It is seriously disgusting to see people on here, especially a woman, blame a 13 year old CHILD for having a sexual relationship with a 23 year old. I hope you never have a daughter one day that has been manipulated and taken advantage by an older adult and have people placing blame on her.

  • kayla

    I have heard about the same situations over and over again. Where were the 13 yr Olds parents? I am not blaming them nor her. But I keep seeing things like this and have to ask where we’re they when she was out til all hours of the night? Who did she think she was with? Did they even care?? Maybe not this situation in particular, but many have came down to young girls being lost with who they are and looking for someone as a father figure. Or The Parents Just Genuinely Not Giving a shit..

  • Amber

    It amazes me how this guy gets arrested for this kind of charge, but my niece was actually sleeping with and had a 22 year old at the age of 13, and I haven’t seen any news on that situation at all. These guys who prey on young girls like this should all be put away no matter if it’s “approved” by the parent or not. I’m sorry, but these girls now days are way to excited for adulthood and man I wish they would just calm down and enjoy their childhood. And the parents who allow this kind of stuff shouldn’t have custody of their kids. I’m not perfect and have made numerous mistakes, but I would never condone a “man” sleeping with my “child”. What is wrong with this world!

  • dustin

    Yea..even though this “little girl” looks of age, and even though she was willing to be with him and do things adults do..he becomes the lone criminal here? Her brain functions just fine. It’s not a matter of them not knowing right from wrong, its a matter of these girls maturing and developing so quickly, and half of them lieing about their age, that they have the ability to catch so many eyes of young men and grown men. These girls can clearly decide to have Dick on the brain, so why can’t they do the right thing and stop dragging guys down. If he’s going to see serious charges and time over this, she should to. Most people won’t blame her, bit I know her and him, and she is a little who’re who seeks attention..ironically, she’s getting tons of it

  • skylarmadison

    Okay. If a 13 year old little girl can “trick” you or lie to you about her age you are completely stupid. I’ll give you some things to look out for- they act and talk like little girls (not like adult women), they have to tell their parents where they are, they have papers from a junior high, they don’t have a job, they are unavailable from 7:30 to 3 everyday except for early release days, and they prefer music from groups like One Direction and Justin Bieber. This isn’t brain surgery. And the responsibility to stop a “relationship” from starting falls solely on the shoulders of the RESPONSIBLE adult. All of you so-called “men” on hear attempting to take sides with a man 10 years older than this little CHILD should really seek some professional help from either an attorney or a psychologist to learn about RAPE laws and child’s rights. Children are innocent members of society whether you think “there is nothing wrong with their brain” or not. They do no know what they are doing; adults know what they are doing. They are in school learning basic skills still.

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