Iowa state official says Obama’s remarks on marijuana send mixed signals

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The director of the Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy has noted that President Barack Obama’s recent remarks on marijuana sends mixed messages.

President Obama said marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol.

Radio Iowa reported that Director Steve Lukan said Obama’s remark makes it difficult for people who try to warn the youth about the dangers of drugs.

“Probably the biggest challenge that comes of this is one we’ve fought for some time,” Lukan said, “just trying to help people understand that words matter and that this message is confusing for young people. We do have a real serious issue in the state and really in this country.”

Lukan said statistics from the Office of Drug Control Policy show that in one year nearly 3,000 “young people” enrolled in drug treatment programs to deal with addictions and problems from using drugs like marijuana.

CNN’s report indicated that Obama has talked to his daughters and discouraged them from using marijuana.

Lukan said that’s the message that needs to be spread. That people can make a difference when they choose to talk to their kids about drugs.

“I do appreciate it, I think that the president actually said he’s talked to his children… and discouraged them from using these drugs,” Lukan said. “I think that’s the real message that we need to get out, is that we can make a difference, people when they are armed with the correct information, a lot of children do choose not to engage in it.”


  • Chex

    Still telling the lie about all the people that enrolled in treatment for marijuana? How can we expect to believe anything you say when you spew half truths? Almost all of these enrollees were court ordered into treatment and most of them were ordered for nothing more than possession of a small amount. You need to work on your propaganda because in this day and age when your message isn’t a one way street but allows feedback and comments someone is always going to point out your half truths and this is exactly why you are losing. At the end of the day there is no good reason for you to want to saddle millions of young people with a criminal record for the rest of their lives so that they will forever be discriminated against in housing, education, and employment.

  • Immortal Illumined

    the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!13

    from 0 states to half the country, from low 20% approval to almost 70%, cali runs this planet by 2 decades

    20 years behind us Iowa, sad and scary…nobody denies freedoms like the south, nobody…even if marijuana reforms did pass the republiCANTS that run the south would deny all of you your freedoms, centuries of practice….no matter though, we never planned on getting your backwards brethren from day one, half the country now already…what’s that? Iowa is not in the south? fooled me
    love and freedom forever…

    MARIJUANA SUPER BOWL 2014, free state vs. free state, destiny


  • Marijuana Man

    How do you continue to claim that pot makes you stupid when people like Carl Sagan and Bill Gates support marijuana? How do you continue to claim that pot makes you lazy when world-class athletes like Michael Phelps and Von Miller are known to have enjoyed a bong-hit or two? How do you continue to claim that 1 out of 6 teens who use marijuana will become addicted when thousands, if not millions, of nonaddicted adults who tried marijuana when they were teens are walking, not staggering, the streets everyday? How do you argue that marijuana makes you violent, irrational and insane when people have stood in line for hours patiently waiting to make their legal purchase in Colorado without incident?

  • Todd Beary

    So what happens to those kids that are treated? they are fed with pharmaceuticals to help them get over their so called addiction. So when their treatment is over their addicted to things like xanex or methadone. Yeah that’s so much better. You also fail to realize that drugs like marijuana are not marijuana. Marijuana is not a drug, but instead the most amazing plant we as a human race could ask for. It is More likely for kids to get addicted to their parents oxycotton that is prescribed to them.

  • politians think too hard

    This guy thought way too hard about this. he took one message and divided it .

    “Its no more dangerous than alcohol, But its a waste of time.” is what I got out of the message.

    don’t think to hard just get the main idea(s), a one message can mean many things.

    If I analyze a simple 30 second conversation I could manipulate the message too, to make one sound retarded.

    like the article im reading now, this is the message I got from Steve Lukan.
    “just trying to help people understand that words matter and that this message is confusing for young people.”

    what? im confused cause im not allowing myself to comprehend more than one sentence at a time. ok the point is words matter and that this message is confusing. no other information can ever be attached to this. one sentence= one message

  • Harley

    The problem with Lukan’s drug treatment statistic is that not all 3,000 are in for marijuana, and those who are, are probably there because it’s court mandated.

  • Jose Gonzales

    Iowa is the one with the mixed signals. They are proclaiming something non dangerous as dangerous.

    Grassley is freaking out as his corn ethanol lobby donors are losing faith in the government’s ability to criminalize marijuana.

  • bob l

    Not only is it true that the vast majority of youths who attend counseling are required to by a judge, but the rest were all required to by tgeir moms. A new study out shows that of all youths who entered counseling for marijuana, only one was there because he wanted to go. He said, “Its a good place to meet submissive girls.”

  • Jasmine K

    Just legalize it! Remove marijuana from the DEA’s schedule of drugs.Anecdotal and practical evidence has demonstrated that certain marijuana strains and TCH – CBD ratios are the most effective in fighting, managing, and forcing even Stage IV cancer to retreat. Individuals with debilitating conditions should be allowed to explore this option with minimum government interference other than to assure quality of strains used.
    Please hear the country on this. The majority of the country is not opposed to the drug. Listen to your citizens please and reschedule this drug.
    Too many people are in jail because this drug is miss labled.
    Yet the USA has a patent on medical marijuana, TOUTING the medicinal efficacies which totally contradicts the Schedule 1 criteria – of “no medicinal value”… Hypocrites!
    Stop arresting kids and ruining lives.

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