Iowa state official says Obama’s remarks on marijuana send mixed signals

President Obama addresses the Media December 20, 2013

The director of the Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy has noted that President Barack Obama’s recent remarks on marijuana sends mixed messages.

President Obama said marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol.

Radio Iowa reported that Director Steve Lukan said Obama’s remark makes it difficult for people who try to warn the youth about the dangers of drugs.

“Probably the biggest challenge that comes of this is one we’ve fought for some time,” Lukan said, “just trying to help people understand that words matter and that this message is confusing for young people. We do have a real serious issue in the state and really in this country.”

Lukan said statistics from the Office of Drug Control Policy show that in one year nearly 3,000 “young people” enrolled in drug treatment programs to deal with addictions and problems from using drugs like marijuana.

CNN’s report indicated that Obama has talked to his daughters and discouraged them from using marijuana.

Lukan said that’s the message that needs to be spread. That people can make a difference when they choose to talk to their kids about drugs.

“I do appreciate it, I think that the president actually said he’s talked to his children… and discouraged them from using these drugs,” Lukan said. “I think that’s the real message that we need to get out, is that we can make a difference, people when they are armed with the correct information, a lot of children do choose not to engage in it.”


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