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Food deliveries spike as temperatures drop

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Quad City food delivery services reported a spike in business Thursday as the outside temperatures dipped below zero.

Terry Mooney, general manager at Happy Joe's Pizza in Rock Island, said the restaurant had received at least four times the usual number of orders Thursday morning.

"Because nobody wants to go outside today," Mooney laughed. "We've only had about two people come through that are willing to come out and pick up their pizzas."

Workers said the restaurant gets busy any time the temperatures dip below zero. While Mooney expected a small crowd for the restaurant's lunch buffet, he said pizza deliveries were scheduled every 15 minutes through the lunch hour.

"We use our servers and drivers kind of interchangeably. So in the morning, we're really, really short, and that's when people have been ordering. So, it's been a little hectic for them, but it's fun to get out of the store," said Mooney.

Workers at Good 2 Go, a company that delivers food from a variety of Quad City restaurants, also said they were "crazy busy" Thursday morning.

The service was open for lunch and dinner, but said they would likely close early Thursday night due to the cold.


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