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Search Dogs Travel to QC to Help Find Carrie Olson

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A renewed effort is getting underway in the search for a missing Davenport woman.

29-year-old Carrie Olson was last seen nearly a month ago at a Rock Island gas station on December 28th, 2013.  Family and friends have searched six parks in the Quad Cities, but with no luck.

"We've kind of exhausted a lot of resources," Carrie's Father, Dave Olson, said. "We're going to try another avenue to find Carrie."

On Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014, a Chicago-based group - K9 Specialties - drove to the Quad Cities. The team consists of Dog Handler, Rob Larson, and his two specially-trained dogs - Captain Dexter and Sergeant Duke.

"Dogs have come a long way as far as their aid in helping find people," Larson said. "Dexter never strikes out."

Within an hour of their arrival, Rob and Captain Dexter were on their way to Dave's Floor Trends to meet the Olson Family and figure out where to search first.

"It gives us some more hope," Dave said. "Hopefully we get on the right track and we find her."

Rob says he receives around 50 calls a day for his services, but he says there was something about Carrie's case that grabbed him.

"When you see a family grieving like this over their missing child, it hits you. If it doesn't, you got no heart."

"Rob actually contacted me through Facebook and he's here," Carrie's Friend, James Dohrmann explained. "It's a relief that somebody from Chicago is coming down to help in the search for Carrie.

Rob says his dogs have everything to find anything. They can stay warm in cold temperatures and their noses are 40,000 time stronger than a human, Rob said.

Those strengths - plus Rob's perseverance - is what he says works.

"Staying on it. Being out there every day, all day. It engulfs my whole life."

His passion started at a young age. When he was a teenager, Rob's little brother was kidnapped then discovered two years later... alive.

It's an ending Rob hopes to bring to every family he meets, including the Olsons as they continue to look for ways to bring Carrie home.

Rob plans to start searching at daylight on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014. Everything he does is donated-based. He does not charge the families he's helping for his services. To learn more about his efforts, click here.

Dennis Harker is also helping Rob's efforts. He was able to get a van donated by Key Auto Mall to help transport Rob and his dogs from Chicago. Dennis is the creator of the Quad Cities Missing Persons Network Facebook Page and the father of David Harker, who went missing back in September. His body was found days later.

For more coverage in the search for Carrie Olson, click here.


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    I was able to assist Rob in looking for Bryeon Hunter, his
    determination and consistency and his heart as well as 2 of the best canine’s I have have the pleasure of working with are a great asset to their abilities. He is steadfast and determined.He found baby Bryeon

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