Quad Cities propane shortage sparks higher prices

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It's getting more expensive for people to heat their homes as the price of propane is higher than it's been in more than two decades. It's impacting farmers and homeowners across the Midwest.

Phil Fuhr uses propane for his everyday duties on his farm, from filling up forklifts to heating his home.

"This winter its been horribly cold," said Fuhr.

During a normal year a full tank costs about $1,500, but this winter season Fuhr's need for propane is costing him almost 20 percent more because of a shortage.

"Anybody that needs propane for heating  this winter or grain drying is going to have to pay more money," said Fuhr.

The early start to winter caused farmer to use more propane in the fall.

"This winter in general has been a lot harsher than it has been in the past. You're just going to require a lot more heat for a lot longer periods of time this year." said Fuhr.

Fuhr's not alone, all over the Midwest people are feeling the pinch.  When it comes to Mather Nature, it's a guessing game, which Fuhr says that's all you can do.

"You just hope you have enough to get you through until the prices come back down," said Fuhr.

More than 14 million households rely on propane.


  • J. Divers

    It’s more than 20%, propane rate in August was around $1.30 a gallon, now it is close to $4.00 a gallon. The biggest increases have been just this past few weeks. You should check the prices of different companies and see how much it has jumped. Who will be able to afford to heat their homes? I know I can not afford to have any delivered.

    • rj

      I doubt that there is a shortage. It is more likely that the price is raised because they can…..because we need it. I worked for a propane delivery company years ago, and it did not matter how much surplus was on hand, when the temperatures dropped the price went up. When there was a cold snap I could count on getting a call from the home office to raise the price.

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