Illinois man demands apology for ‘daughter killed’ mail label

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OfficeMax mailing label image from Chicago Tribune

An Illinois man wants an apology after OfficeMax sent him mail that included reference to his daughter’s death on the label.

Mike Seay of Lindenhurst, Illinois, says he recently got mail from OfficeMax that was addressed to him but the second line of his address reads “Daughter Killed In Car Crash.”

Seay says it stirred up terrible memories for him and his wife.  Their 17-year-old daughter, Ashley, died in a car crash in February 2013.

OfficeMax explained the mailing was the “result of a mailing list rented through a third-party provider,” according to the Chicago Tribune.  The company offered an apology in that statement, but had reportedly not apologized directly to Seay.

Seay said when he called OfficeMax, a call center manager refused to believe their company had referenced his daughter’s death on a mail label.

Seay said he isn’t interested in any legal action against OfficeMax.  He said he wanted to know how OfficeMax got information about his daughter’s death, and he wants an apology from the company’s chief executive.


  • Tim

    “He said he wanted to know how OfficeMax got information about his daughter’s death.”

    OfficeMax could’ve known about it from the news. Either way, it was very insensitive of them.

    • Carmen Borden

      because you obviously don’t realize how stupid that post sound, i’ll clue you in… are you suggesting that an employee from office max heard about the death from the news and decided to include that on the mailing label… for the purposes of? why would an employee care about 1 news report among all others that involve the death of someone and send this to this family and not all others? geez, some people.

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