Colona votes to accept Indian Trails Resort

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The snow Monday night didn’t keep people away from a big meeting in Colona, where the community essentially decided whether or not to accept a $2 million gift.

The gift, Indian Trails Resort, was given to the City of Colona last year by the owner of the resort, but there were concerns about how much it could cost the city to maintain it.

It was standing room only at a meeting at city hall Monday, January 20, 2014.  People wanted to know whether or not the city would decide to accept the park. Emotions were running high over the 75 acre resort. There were arguments among city council members and even a few shouts from the audience.

But with the deal on the table, the Colona City Council voted 6 to 3 to accept the park.

“They would never have an opportunity in the future like this, I don't believe,” said Colona Mayor Rick Lack.

Mayor Lack acknowledged the financial concerns.

“I was very concerned with that on the start when the offer was first made. But I just felt that the benefits outweighed the costs of it,” said Lack.

Residents like Debra Simpson agree.

“Real possibility that this could be a great success,” said Simpson.

There are a few legal issues that need to be resolved before the city will close on the deal. Mayor Lack says there is no clear timeline on what that will happen.